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Car Insurance Rates in the GTA Still Based on Postal Code

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you know what a difference your address and postal code can make to your car insurance rates. It…

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Catastrophic Events and Your Insurance – Lessons from the Ottawa Tornado

  On September 21, 2018, a windstorm and tornados pummelled the Ottawa-Gatineau area. It was a highly unusual weather event and the magnitude of its damage…

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Home Insurance Q & A – Can I Repair or Renovate My House Without Changing My Insurance?

While it might be tempting to power through a renovation to your house without contacting your insurer in order to save on home insurance rates, this…

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Insurance Terms Defined – High Risk Driver

In searching for car insurance you may have come across the term high risk driver, or high risk auto insurance. If you’re wondering what that means,…

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Auto Insurance Q & A – How Is My Telematics Data Used?

For those of you who have been with us for a while you’ll know that here at Insurance Buddy, we suggest the use of telematics as…

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Office Loss Prevention Tips for Your Business

In our various business insurance related posts here on our blog, we have covered the topic of loss prevention for many different types of enterprise: slip…

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Insurance Terms Defined – Occasional Driver

Ahhh jargon. As with any industry, the world of insurance is chock full of vocabulary that is often incomprehensible to someone not in the field. And…

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Auto Insurance Q & A – Is It Possible for Two People to Own One Vehicle in Ontario?

As we all know, it’s getting more and more expensive to own a car these days. From rising auto insurance costs (especially here in Ontario, right?)…

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Launch of the Toronto Home Resilience Program

  There is a new program recently launched for homeowners in the city of Toronto – the Toronto Home Resilience Program. This pilot project is about…

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Insurance Terms Defined – Endorsement

As with any industry, the world of insurance has a vocabulary of its own with a slew of terms and words used and referenced that can…

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