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7 Things You Need to Know as a High Risk Driver in Ontario

High risk auto insurance Ontario

Whether due to too many traffic violations, tickets or accidents, certain drivers are deemed “high risk”.

We’ve talked about high risk drivers and high risk auto insurance in a previous post where you can get all the details about what a high risk driver is and the implications on your car insurance. Click here to check it out.

As a follow-up, we’ve put together a list of important things that every high risk driver should know, including some Ontario specific details since that’s where we sell insurance here at Insurance Buddy…

7 Things That Every High Risk Driver Should Know

1. In Ontario any infractions or tickets stay on your driving record for three years. When it comes to car accidents that were your fault, they will stay on your record for six years. This is the timeframe you can expect for your high risk designation and how long this will affect your insurance rates. Remember, once you know that a ticket (or several) are no longer on your record, you should get new auto insurance quotes to make sure you’re enjoying maximum savings.

2. Being deemed “high risk” is not only about driving poorly. You can be put in this category for missing payment on your premiums and having your insurance policty cancelled for this reason. This, in the eyes of an insurance company, is behavior that will put you in the “risky” bucket.

3. While all insurers are a little different, generally you will be considered high risk if you’ve had two accidents that were your fault in the last 10 years or if in the last few years you’ve had several tickets (say 2-3) issued to you.

4. Generally, high risk drivers pay around 25% more for auto insurance. But this could be much, much more depending on the severity of the infractions linked to you. A DUI, for example, will generally cause your rates to, at the very least, double. 

5. Some insurance companies may refuse to cover a high risk driver. So you might need to do some research to find a provider that can cover you or a broker that specializes in high risk auto insurance policies. Be sure to do your homework and get plenty of quotes.

6. But with that said, the insurance industry as a whole cannot refuse an individual coverage. If you fall into an extreme category where no regular insurance provider is willing to issue you car insurance, you can still get coverage from The Facility Association – a last resort type of insurance pool. You can get more information in this blog post about the residual auto insurance market and facility insurance. 

7. Even as a high risk driver, while you might not necessarily be able to access cheap auto insurance (at least not in comparison to a squeaky clean driver) there are steps you can take to lower your insurance rates, such as using Telematics or driving a car with safety features. Check out this post specifically about high risk drivers or this one that talks about ways to save on insurance generally.

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