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Auto Insurance Q&A – How Much Does It Cost to Add a Secondary Driver to My Policy?

In our most recent posts here on the blog, we’ve talked about when you should add a second driver to your car insurance and how to do so. In this post, let’s get into the cost implications of adding a secondary driver – on the radar of anyone looking for cheap auto insurance.

How auto insurance rates are set with more than one driver

Auto insurance providers will look to the primary driver as the main reference for setting rates on a policy. However, adding a secondary driver does add additional risk to the plan and the rates will reflect that. Often, an additional premium will be charged. As with all things insurance, the specific costs and rate surcharges for secondary drivers will depend on the insurance company and will vary from provider to provider, so it’s important to shop around to find the best insurance rates you can!

Who the driver is matters

It should come as no surprise that it will make a difference whether you’re adding a driver with a perfect driving history or a high risk driver. Insurance companies see young drivers and new drivers as high risk, as well as drivers with a poor driving record and a history of infractions and violations. If you’re adding a high risk driver, you should expect to see your insurance costs rise significantly (by as much as hundreds or dollars more each month). Adding a good driver should translate to very minimal increases (could be as little as a few bucks a month).

Joint ownership

If you’re in a situation where two people own one vehicle, you might see slightly higher rates than a car owned by one person – the implication being that in a joint ownership situation, more people will use the car.

Don’t be tempted to withhold information to get cheaper insurance

You might think to yourself that it’s no big deal to leave off the young driver in your family that uses your car every now and again to get to school. The cost savings on premiums is worth it, right? Wrong! While you might think you can skirt the truth if it comes to making a claim, remember that the repercussions are very serious for misrepresenting your insurance needs. Claims can be denied if the insurer questions the legitimacy of the information they were given. Not only are we talking about higher premium costs, we’re talking about the wellbeing of the drivers that use your car – you want to be sure that everyone is adequately covered and safe when out on the road.

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It can be difficult to talk about the costs of adding a second driver without having more specific details. If you’d like to know more about how much a secondary driver would cost in your situation, get in touch with someone from our team. We’re happy to help and our quotes are always no obligation.  You can also go here to access our online auto insurance quote tool.

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