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Distracted Driving = Accidents

Isn’t it amazing how many people text message while driving, jeopardizing not only themselves but others while driving?

It’s this need to be always connected with others in our busy and not so busy lives, no matter what and no matter the cost.

It would be great if Apple, Blackberry, and Android would develop an App that would allow you  to turn off text messaging while you are in your vehicle driving.  And how about automatic replies to alert  those who keep texting you that you are on the road and unavailable?

Bluetooth at least is one option that helps to operate communications hands free so that at least your eyes are on the road while driving. But it’s not the perfect solution. Really, should you be doing anything else while driving? Any distraction can lead to dire consequences.

Tickets certainly can help to deter people from this texting and calling tendency. But if you’re thinking that you don’t care, you’ll just pay the fine, remember that any ticket will increase your auto insurance rates! Learn more about distracted driving here.

What it comes down to is that we ourselves have to change how we drive and break these bad habits!  Drive Safe and Arrive Alive. That’s our message to you folks! is a free online quote and rating site allowing you to find cheap auto insurance in Ontario.



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