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Five Normal Mistakes Made When Obtaining an Online Insurance Quote

When you’re looking to get an insurance quote, heading to the internet and gathering some online quotes is a good place to start. It’s a quick and easy way to compare costs with different providers. Part of finding the best insurance rates is doing plenty of research.

It’s important when filling out online quote forms to be prepared with all the information needed to get an accurate estimate. Here are some of the most common mistakes that we see people make here at Insurance Buddy…

1)  They don’t fully complete the required fields. It’s important to include all the details to ensure that the quote you get is based on correct information.
2)  Don’t know the accidents and tickets you have. This greatly influences cost of insurance.
3)  Skipping the form. If you have some specific questions or need help, it’s still a good idea to complete the online quote and then contact the insurance broker or provider with questions.
4)  Use of changing deductibles and applying a multi-line discount.
5)  Not getting on top of when your policy expires.

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