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Industry First in Home Insurance Ontario – Overland Water Protection

Overland water protection

As an insurance broker, we work with a large array of Ontario insurance providers in order to offer our customers a variety of options for choosing insurance policies. All providers are different and offer unique benefits, so whether you’re looking to save money with cheap insurance in Toronto or need a more specific coverage like tenant insurance, we’ve got you covered.

We wanted to let you know about an option that many don’t realize is at their disposal available from Aviva Canada. The coverage is an industry first in fact! Home owners and tenants can be covered for overland water protection.

What is overland water protection?

Overland water protection refers to protection from fresh water flood damage. This type of water damage was previously not covered in home insurance plans. This protects homeowners from the losses that come from the build up or run off of surface waters, such as when there is torrential rainfall.

This new coverage was created by Aviva in response to what we in Ontario know all too well – climate is changing and we are seeing more and more wet weather, flash flooding and rain storms. In fact, in their press release announcing this new option for home insurance, Aviva lists out some pretty incredible statistics, such as a 12% increase in rainfall across Canada in the last 60 years and severe weather events that used to happen every 40 years or so happening every six, according to Environment Canada!

Who is eligible?

Ontario, as well as Alberta, were the first provinces in Canada to have access to this coverage. Adding the overland water protection as an endorsement is available for home insurance plans that include sewer-backup protection. It’s added to their base water protection, that covers things like broken pipes.

Want to boost the water protection for your house or property? Contact us today to get more details on this fresh water damage coverage option for home insurance in Ontario.

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