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October is Car Safety Month

Be Car Aware

The AIA (Automotive Industries Association) of Canada has deemed October as Car Safety Month. This initiative is part of their Be Car Aware program that focuses on helping make Canadian drivers aware of the benefits of keeping a well-maintained car. They focus on themes of safety, environmental considerations as well as maximizing the value of what you spend on repairing and maintaining your vehicle. Their website ( has plenty more information for driving in Canada and staying safe on the road.

As drivers in Ontario, we must be especially cognizant of the coming winter and getting our cars prepared for the cold months ahead and the often harsh road conditions. The AIA offers the following suggestions for maintenance considerations in the fall time in preparation for winter’s coming. Be sure to check…

  • Your fluids: power steering, engine oil, brake and transmission. Don’t forget your windshield washer and antifreeze/coolant.
  • The hoses and belts: Look for signs for wear such as cracking, fraying or loosening.
  • The battery connection: Is it clean and tight without any corrosion?
  • Your brakes: The system should be checked annually.
  • The exhaust: Look for leaks and any damage or breakage.
  • The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems: For your comfort and your safety!
  • The tires: Inspect wear, pressure and tread.
  • The wipers: Worn wiper blades can affect your visibility when driving through rain and snow.

Check out this post from the blog archives with a checklist for getting your car ready for winter or click here for the AIA’s full overview of car maintenance considerations in the fall.

According to the AIA’s announcement, the average Canadian is under spending on their vehicle maintenance and repair to the tune of $623 a year. This means that many cars in Canada are not getting the care they need. They also talk about how many young drivers favour older cars (don’t we all remember getting the most affordable car we could as a new driver!) and provides a handy list of information to discuss when it comes to keeping an older car safe and properly maintained. Check out their official Car Safety Month release here (including the source for the aforementioned stat).

Stay tuned for our next post where we get into how vehicle safety plays a role in car insurance.

Image source: AIA Canada



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