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Planning a Move? Where You Live Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates

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If you have a move coming up or you are considering one, say moving into Toronto from a smaller town elsewhere in the province of Ontario, what you might not consider or realize is that with your change in locale you may also see another change – in your auto insurance rates.

So when you’re looking to get cheap auto insurance, whether in the GTA or elsewhere in Ontario, it helps to be informed about how rates differ in different cities in our province.

How location affects auto insurance

First off, let’s touch on why location is a factor in auto insurance rates. When insurers set their rates, they incorporate a myriad of factors when determining what they will charge for insurance.

One of these is amount of traffic. When there are more cars on the road, the likelihood of an accident is higher. And to get more specific, some intersections or roads are considered more dangerous and experience higher collision rates, so cars that will frequent them require more coverage.

Another location factor is car theft. As we know, different neighbourhoods pose different risks and the chance that your car will be stolen does depend a great deal on where it is parked. This is taken into account when setting rates.

Where can you find the most expensive auto insurance in Ontario?

When it comes to the highest rates, the GTA is definitely where it is at. You might be surprised to learn that downtown Toronto proper does not have the highest rates in the province. The top spot goes to Brampton (with rates 65% higher than elsewhere in the province as reported by the Globe, which is apparently because there are less experienced drivers there), followed by Vaughan and Mississauga, according to You can see their full top 10 list here.

And where can you find the cheapest?

Hawkesbury is where you will find the lowest rates. Other cities with low car insurance premiums include Renfrew, Petawawa, and Pembroke, to name a few.

When you’re on a mission to get cheap auto insurance in either Toronto or Ontario, you need to be informed of all the factors and nuances that can affect your rates. Where you live is one piece of the puzzle. For those of you looking to save, check out this post for some tips for how to do just that.

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Will you be moving soon and want to learn more about how your auto insurance will be affected? We’re here to help with any questions you might have about rates in different parts of our province. Use our online quote system to do your own research or just get in touch with us today!


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