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Time to Think Winter Tires

winter tires Ontario


The temperatures are dropping and you’re about ready to go into the garage and dust off those winter tires. Or perhaps you’re thinking about purchasing your first set of winter tires.

Why winter tires?

When you live in a place such as Ontario, winter tires are very important. With the cold, snowy weather we get, it’s an essential part of staying safe on the road. Winter tires can handle those freezing temperatures and they offer you more traction and control while driving. Even high quality all season tires can’t offer you the same grip out there. They are specially formulated to handle cold temperatures. And it’s not just about avoiding driving when it’s snowy outside. Even in dry weather, the winter tires will perform better when it’s cold.

You also help to extend the life of your tires by using summer and winter tires. This seasonal switch-up results in less wear on your summer tires (they have to work harder to handle winter conditions), meaning less frequent replacement costs for you.

Winter tires and auto insurance

When it comes to your insurance rates, you want to be avoiding accidents, period. Getting into a fender bender or crash because you have the improper tires for the weather conditions can be an error that will cost you your cheap auto insurance rates.

Winter tires and car insurance in Ontario

Apart from general safety concerns, there’s another reason using winter tires is a good idea here in this province. Did you know that you get a car insurance discount just for having winter tires on your car? Yup, you’ll be looking at a discount of around 5%. It varies by provider, so just check in with your insurance broker or company to find out what their policy is. Some don’t offer the discount, so you could perhaps consider an alternative provider. You also have to take the onus on informing your insurance company about your winter tires. When it comes to finding the best insurance rates, every little bit counts!

If you’d like to get more information about this special winter tire discount in Ontario, check out our blog post on the topic.

So what you waiting for? The fall is the time to get those winter tires on – generally when the temperatures hit about 7C or so is recommended to install the tires. So get them on there, let your insurance provider know, and stay safe out there!

Want more information about car insurance and winter tire discounts in Ontario? Reach out to our team, we’re ready to help!


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