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Cheap Auto Insurance Toronto

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Need a better option for car insurance in Ontario?

In our province we have all been watching car insurance premiums increasing. It can be frustrating when your goal is to keep your auto insurance as cheap as possible, without compromising on quality of course. The thing is, market conditions change constantly, as do the rules and regulations surrounding insurance. Lower rates are often available if you’re willing to look.

That’s where we step in at Insurance Buddy. Our goal is to help you get the best coverage possible for the lowest rate possible.

  • We know all the ins and outs of car insurance in Ontario. Let us share our expert advice to guide you on ways you can save. All of our brokers are insurance professionals licensed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).
  • Paying too much for car insurance due to your driving record? Yes, even high risk drivers and those with cancelled insurance or too many tickets can get affordable coverage.
  • With our handy online quote system (or by simply giving us a call of course) you can quickly and easily get multiple quotes from competitors to do your comparison shopping. Remember, insurers are competing for your business which puts you in a good position to save!

Use our online car insurance quote calculator or give us a call to find low cost insurance – we are here to help you save and find the right auto insurance coverage to fit your needs.

*Please note that quoting is based on accuracy of information inputted into our systems. You can always reach out to contact us at any point in the process if you have questions or want to be sure that you’re doing all you can to get the best rates possible.

Combine your Home and Auto insurance for maximum discounts!

  • Many insurance companies will reward you for choosing them for both your home and auto insurance needs. This is a great way to save further. Just complete your Auto and Home online quotes or don’t hesitate to call us and we will gladly take care of the rest.

Perfect Driving Record? We are standing by to be of service – you deserve the best auto rates. We look to drive down your car insurance costs by using an online rating system based on your driving profile.

  •   Professionals looking for low cost car insurance
  •   All Alumni members welcomed

 Looking for a car insurance quote in Toronto or Ontario? Get yours in just minutes with our handy online quote system. Click above to get started!

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