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Insurance Buddy™ is an online insurance quote system committed to providing complete quote accuracy, operated by INSUREIT GROUP INC. Our goal is to provide the best car insurance rates while maintaining the highest standard of service. It is our mission to drive down your auto and other insurance rates by providing an online rating system based on your driving profile. This site was created to help you find the cheapest insurance rates in Ontario for car and home.

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Summer Car Maintenance Best Practices to Keep Your Vehicle Humming Along

Summer car maintenance

The dog days of summer are just around the corner. With the season comes car tripping vacations, weekend road trips and day trips to your favourite outdoors spots. There is so much to enjoy in this beautiful province of ours… and beyond!

With all this time spent on the road, it’s a good idea to get your car in good shape and prepped for any extra miles you’ll put on. The last thing you want is to deal with a breakdown! Here are some best practices for getting your vehicle in tip top shape and ready to handle anything the summer throws your way.

~ As the weather gets hotter, your tires can be affected by the changes in temperature. Check your tire pressure and ensure that your tires are neither under or over filled to avoid blowouts, flats or even a resulting accident from your tires giving out. As we know, accidents raise your car insurance rates!

~ Hot weather puts additional pressure on your engine, so it’s a good idea to do an oil check and change your oil and filter if needed.

~ Check all your important car components, whether you do it yourself or send your vehicle in for a regular tune-up to your mechanic. Fluid levels, hoses and belts and your brakes should all be on your radar.

~ Your air conditioner is your best friend during those long and hot car rides. If you haven’t had your system checked or serviced in a while, it would be a good idea to do so so that you’re not sweating buckets all the way to the cottage. It’s generally recommended to have your system checked every 3 years or so but do have a look at your car owner manual or consult with your mechanic to confirm.

~ Does your summer itinerary involve lots of travel down dirt or gravel roads? You might want to check on your air filter to ensure it’s not dirty or blocked. Your engine will thank you.

Want more tips and suggestions for keeping your car in the best shape possible? Check out for plenty of helpful resources and have a browse through their seasonal car maintenance page for recommendations throughout the year.

And if you’re looking for the best car insurance rates in and around Toronto and Ontario, please do be in touch (or use our handy online quote system). We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a fun (and safe) summer everyone from all of us here at Insurance Buddy!


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Business Crime Prevention Tips

Business crime prevention cctv

When you’re running a business, there are plenty of things to keep you busy and occupy your mind. From taxes to payroll, pricing to staffing and everything in between, a business never sleeps.

While we don’t want to add more to your plate, it is essential that you also take the steps to safeguard your business from burglary, theft and other crimes. This not only protects your business, but also your commercial insurance rates.

Here are some of our top general tips for preventing crime at your commercial operations…

  • Be sure that all your exterior doors have deadbolt locks and that they all have a minimum of a one inch bolt into the strike plate.
  • Secure any exposed exterior door hinge pins to prevent their removal.
  • Protect all main floor glass. You can use bars, metal screens or burglary resistant glazing materials to ensure that a broken window is not a point of entry for a thief.
  • Install a burglar alarm system and one that is monitored offsite. We also recommend that the system be certified by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).
  • If you’re using a video monitoring system, check it regularly to ensure it’s functioning properly.
  • Ensure that your commercial space is well-lit (inside and out) to prevent any detrimental activities being undertaken in the shadows.
  • Continually check for unsafe work conditions and practices that could put your business at a security risk, and take prompt corrective action. Get input from all your departments and teams.

These are just a few basic tips for keeping your biz safe. Get more suggestions from the Toronto Police Department on robbery prevention for businesses (including what to do during and after a robbery) here.

And click here for more helpful business insurance tips.

Have further questions about how robbery and crime can affect your business insurance rates? Want to learn more about the commercial policies we have? Get in touch with us today!


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