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Recent Blog Posts

Loss Prevention for Mechanics

Car mechanic loss prevention


In our blog content related to business insurance, we have been covering various topics around preventing losses and protecting the interests of organizations and stakeholders. (You can check out the archives here).

While we’ve put together some general posts that apply to any business, such as cyber security and crime prevention, in this post we’re going to specifically look at ways that car mechanics can prevent losses in their small businesses. So, if you’re a mechanic, read on! And if you’re not, stay tuned for further posts related to commercial insurance.

Tips for preventing losses as a mechanic

– Get your paperwork in order: As a mechanic, it’s invaluable to have a paper trail to protect yourself. Make sure that you always prepare work orders that specifically list out all the repairs that will be completed. The customer should sign this work order as proof of their authorization for the work to be done. This way, if there ever were to be disputes, you have the paperwork to back you up. You should also include a list of repairs that you recommended be done, but that the customer declined. This protects you from a possible liability loss.

Keep your customers where they should be: A clean, safe waiting area is a good idea for mechanic shops. You want to avoid customers wandering around the service bay area at all costs – there is just too much room for potential disaster, such as slip and fall type losses. Your mechanics will also certainly appreciate not being disturbed while they work! In addition to the waiting room, make sure signs are posted that clearly outline the “no customers in the service area” rule. Make sure that everyone on your team strictly enforces this rule.

Keep close tabs on those keys: All mechanics should have a key control procedure followed by all employees. All keys should be kept under lock and key somewhere safe within your office premises. This helps to make it harder for thieves to gain access to the keys, reducing the potential for vehicle theft or vandalism.

Monitor cash on hand: If you’re often paid in cash, make sure that there is not a lot of cash on hand in the till by using a safe or a mechanism to limit money available at the till. Deposit the cash regularly at the bank and ensure that you’re not always going to the bank at the same time following the same route. Make it impossible for would-be thieves to establish a reliable, observable pattern.

Light up your business premises: The front, back and inside of your garage should be well-lit, including when you’ve closed up shop. Ideally, if you’re keeping cars overnight they should be stored inside. If that is not possible, the outdoor area must be lit up, fenced and secured by padlock overnight.

Maintain accurate inventory: As a mechanic you no doubt have plenty of tools, in addition to a considerable stock of auto parts and retail items. By keeping a regularly updated, accurate inventory, if you do experience the misfortune of a theft or other loss, your business insurance provider will be able to better serve you and ensure that you get a swift and fair settlement.

Tune-up your test drive process: Test driving vehicles comes as part and parcel of a mechanic shop. There are steps you can take to ensure you’re as protected as possible. Regularly get driver abstracts from your employees to ensure that only those in good standing are test-driving cars. Create an established test driving route where there is not much for vehicle traffic or pedestrians to reduce the chance of an accident or loss with a customer’s car.

Want more advice and recommendations? Click here for more commercial insurance and business protection tips.

Have any questions related to business insurance or looking to get a quote for coverage? Zip over here for more information and to get in touch with us.



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How to Pump up Your Car Insurance Coverage in Ontario Part 3 - Other Coverage Options

optional car insurance Ontario


In our series of posts on ways that you can bolster your car insurance coverage in Ontario, we’re covered optional accident benefits in part 1, as well as loss or vehicle damage in part 2.

In this next post, we’re going to look at a few additional coverage options that we have not yet discussed.


Optional car insurance coverage Ontario


Higher Third Party Liability Coverage: As we touched on in our previous post on what you have to have for auto insurance coverage in our province, it’s mandatory to carry a minimum of $200,000 in 3rd party liability coverage. But you can certainly pump this up to go to $500,000 or $1 or 2 million. Generally speaking, it often does not impact the cost of your insurance too much to increase this coverage amount. Discuss the specifics with your broker to learn about the advantages of upping your 3rd party liability as well as what the impact will be on the rates that you pay.

Dependent Care Benefits: If you were in an accident, would you have to pay additional childcare expenses for your little ones? If so, this coverage could be a good option for you. This additional coverage would offer additional financial support for dependants in the event of an accident, covering up to $75 per week for your first dependant and $25 per week for any other dependents you have. You can make a claim on this coverage as long as you are not receiving any caregiver benefit and you were employed when the accident happened.

Indexation: This optional coverage takes into account inflation by providing an annual adjustment for benefits such as Medical, Rehabilitation, Attendant Care and Income Replacement among others. The adjustment is based on the Consumer Price Index of Canada.

If you have other insurance policies or get benefits from your employer, it’s a good idea to go over these as in some cases you may already be covered for some optional benefits. As always, if you have any questions, or are unsure about the extent of your coverage, get in touch with your broker.

Want more information about the benefit options for car insurance in ON? Go here for full details on these optional coverages from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Stay tuned for the next post in our series where we will touch on optional policy endorsements.


Looking to do some car insurance research? Check out our online quote system for easy 24/7 access to information. If you need some guidance with choosing optional coverage or prefer to talk your insurance needs through, get in touch with us today and someone from our team will be happy to help.


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