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Best Car Insurance Rates in Ontario

Insurance Buddy™ is an online insurance quote system committed to providing complete quote accuracy, operated by INSUREIT GROUP INC. Our goal is to provide the best car insurance rates while maintaining the highest standard of service. It is our mission to drive down your auto and other insurance rates by providing an online rating system based on your driving profile. This site was created to help you find the cheapest insurance rates in Ontario for car and home.

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4 Factors that Affect Car Insurance Rates in Ontario

car insurance rates Ontario


If you want to be sure that you are paying the cheapest rates possible for car insurance, it’s important to consider the various factors that can affect the rate you get. It’s a good idea to inform yourself of the different variables that play a part in setting your rates so that you can be prepared when doing research or gathering quotes from different providers.

4 factors that affect car insurance rates in Ontario

Your driving record: It’s pretty common knowledge that how you drive affects what you pay for insurance. If you’ve been in an accident (or several), whether you’ve received tickets and of course any driving convictions. High risk drivers will pay higher rates.

Where you live: Those that live in Toronto will pay different rates from those that live in Timmins. The more population in the area you live in, the more cars there are on the road and the greater chance that you could be involved in an accident. Likelihood of car theft also plays a role here.

Your car: The type of car you drive makes a difference. Insurance companies will consider how expensive it is to repair your vehicle as well as how enticing your car is to potential car thieves.

How long you’ve been driving: If you’re a young driver, you’re considered a higher risk and will pay more to insure your car. You can learn more about getting the best rates as a young driver here.

For more information on how rates are set in this province, check out the Financial Services Commission of Ontario site for further details.

There are ways to save on your car insurance, no matter what type of driver you are, including some opportunities for discounts specific to Ontario. Check out this post on the blog with some helpful tips on how to get the best insurance rates.

Have any questions about how to save on insurance or specific ways that you can lower your rates? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss further with you.


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Business Loss Prevention – Protect Your Computers

Business loss prevention computers

Virtually any business these days uses computers, whether it’s to communicate, such as for emails or maintaining an online presence with a website and social media, or to actually run the business, from processing orders to storing and organizing critical data.

An important part of your business insurance coverage involves protecting your computers and devices. Many businesses simply couldn’t run with them! And it’s not just the equipment itself that carries value. More often than not, what they hold and the data they store is the most valuable thing of all. As we know, insurance is in place to cover any loss. But the ultimate goal (and the best way to keep you rates low) is to avoid making claims in the first place.

Protect your computers

Here are some suggestions for keeping the computers in your business safe and sound.

  • Consider clamping or locking PCs to desks or work stations, especially if this equipment is out in the open or housed in a public area. There are security kits available.
  • Does your business use laptops rather? These portable computers are very easy to steal. Remember never to leave them unsecured or unattended. Same goes for tablets, smartphones etc.
  • Maintain records of the serial numbers for all of your computer equipment. This is important information for any theft investigation.

Protect your virtual assets

Loss prevention does not just refer to the tangible theft of your actual devices. Our digital world also requires businesses to consider the integrity of their data security and the ability of their computers to actually run – a computer malfunction or security breach can be just as detrimental as having the computer stolen (if not more!).

  • Backup data and programs on a regular basis and store them offsite in a secure location. There are so many options now for backups and so many businesses that specialize in backup and disaster recovery services, including in-depth fully compliant options that meet regulatory requirements in your industry. And don’t be overwhelmed if your back up needs are simple and you don’t have an IT person or department to help – there are plenty of inexpensive and straightforward options and consultants who specialize in supporting businesses just like yours. This is definitely well worth looking into!
  • You of course want to avoid having to recover what’s on your computers in the first place. Ensure that your computers have anti spam and anti virus protection to keep your data secure and avoid any devices being compromised to the point that they are unusable. Cyber criminals and hackers abound.

These are just a few main security considerations, but depending on the type of business you operate, your cyber security needs may be more in-depth. In this case an IT consultant or professional will be able to offer more specific advice to securing your commercial operations. Click here to learn more about cyber security and business.

Want more advice and recommendations? Click here for more business insurance and business protection tips.

Looking to get the best coverage possible for the best possible price? Learn more about our commercial insurance offerings here or just get in touch with us today to discuss further with one of our brokers.


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