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How to Prevent Car Theft

How to prevent car theft


We talked in previous posts about what you can do to prevent theft in your home and in your business. So we thought it was a good idea to touch on next another important theft prevention consideration – your car!

While you certainly can’t prevent theft 100%, you can take precautionary steps that will greatly reduce your risk and the appeal of your vehicle or its contents. Here are some of our top tips…

– Lock it up! You want to provide as many theft roadblocks as you possible can. This is a very basic must.

– Another basic, perhaps common knowledge tip but one worth mentioning – don’t leave your keys in your car. Even hidden keys can be found.

– About to drive off but realized you forgot something in your house? Zipping into the corner store for just a sec? No matter how briefly you will be away from your vehicle, turn off your ignition and take your keys with you. It only takes a few seconds for someone to jump in your car and drive away.

– Think carefully about where you park. In some neighbourhoods, parking on the street is just not a good idea. Why take the risk? Consider monitored parking garages, or look for well-lit, highly visible, guarded areas to leave your vehicle.

– Make sure that you don’t have stuff visible inside your car. Keep things in the trunk and away from view. We’ve all heard stories of cars being broken into for a few loonies left in plain sight. When someone is desperate, nothing is too insignificant to warrant smashing that window. And even if you know that bag is just full of your dirty gym clothes, a potential thief has no idea what’s in there.

– There are all kinds of anti-theft deterrents on the market, from car alarms to ignition disablers to name just a few. Use them. You may even get a discount on your auto insurance rates if you have them installed. Be sure to mention this when speaking to your broker.

– Don’t think that because you don’t have a fancy car, you won’t be a target. Since older, less sophisticated vehicles are easier to break into, in many cases they make for easy targets, whether someone just wants to rifle through the contents or go for a joy ride. Insurance providers also take into account the make and model of the cars they insure. If yours is flagged as having a high theft rate, this could be reflected in your car insurance premiums.

– Don’t keep your auto insurance documents or vehicle registration information in the car. They can make it easier for a thief to commit fraud, offload and profit from your car or even steal your identity.

Want more information? Check out these resources:

From the Ontario Ministry of Transportation – Prevent vehicle and identity theft

From the Toronto Police Service – Crime prevention and community safety – auto theft

When you’re looking for cheap car insurance, it’s not just about finding a provider that offers the best insurance rates. You want to be sure that you are properly covered in the event of any unfortunate occurrence, whether it’s an accident or your car being stolen. You and your actions can have a direct impact on the premiums you pay and whether you have to go through the hassle of making an auto insurance claim. Taking steps such as these ones to prevent car theft can reflect positively on your bottom line… and your sanity.

Have further questions about vehicle theft and car insurance? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us today.


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Heading on Holiday This Summer? Savvy Steps to Safeguard Your Home


Summertime is in full swing and for many of us here in Ontario, summer means getting out of the city, whether it’s heading out on a road trip or taking a holiday out of province.

When vacation planning, you’re thinking about a lot of things. Accommodations, transportation, maybe even travel insurance if you’re heading further afield. But one thing that might not be on your radar is your home. And more specifically, the safety of your house while you’re away.

The last thing you want to dampen your vacation high when you get back is to discover that you have been robbed.

As we all know, locking everything up or even using a burglar alarm may not be enough to prevent a robbery. It comes down to making sure that your house looks like someone is there, even when it’s empty.


Take these steps to ensure that your home is as burglar proof as possible during your holidays…


~ Stop your mail or newspaper delivery, or ensure that you have someone coming by for a pick-up daily. Don’t let an overflowing letter box or pile of papers give you away.

~ Use electronic timers for lights, inside and out, to emulate the normal usage of lights when the house is occupied.

~ If you have a good relationship with your neighbours, you can ask them to park in your driveway once in a while, and get them to put one of their trash cans in front of your place on garbage day.

~ If you have any valuables that are priceless and irreplaceable to you regardless of whether you would get compensated by your home insurance plan, such as family heirlooms, think about removing them, for example putting them in a safety deposit box.

~ Have a big beautiful lawn? If you’re away for a longer time, overgrown grass is a sure giveaway that no one is home. Get a neighbor or local teen to mow the lawn while you’re gone.

~ Have someone that will be coming into your home to water plants or feed the cat? Don’t leave the house key out for them somewhere obvious, like under your door mat. Come up with a stealthier hiding spot, or better yet, just hand deliver the key if possible.

~ Keep your vacay plans to yourself. Some of us in our friendliness can be quite chatty and sharing your excitement for your two weeks up at the cabin with a delivery guy might happen as a matter of course with a little amicable small talk. Be mindful of keeping those holiday details to yourself.


Click here for more helpful home insurance and home maintenance tips.

And if you’re looking for cheap insurance in Toronto and around Ontario, whether for home or otherwise, get in touch with us today!


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