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Insurance Buddy 2023 Roundup

If you’ve missed any of our posts this year on auto, home or business insurance in Ontario, read on for the roundup of our content in 2023.


~ We know that vehicle theft rates affect the auto insurance premiums for different cars. It’s no wonder that these Top 10 Stolen Vehicles posts on our blog are so popular! Check out the recently released list here…   Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Ontario 2023 Update

~ For the first time this year, the Équité Association (a national organization whose mandate is to reduce and prevent insurance fraud and crime) released the Top 10 least stolen vehicles across the country. Check out the list for Ontario… Top 10 Least Stolen Vehicles in Ontario 2023 Update

~ As your life circumstances change, such as when you retire, so can your car insurance coverage needs. As we know in our quest for the best insurance rates and the right coverage for your specific situation, when something shifts, it’s important to let your broker or provider know. The bonus is when you can get cheaper insurance as a result, such as when you retire. Let’s look at this in more detail… Auto Insurance Q & A: I Have Retired – What Does This Mean for My Car Insurance Rates?

~ In this post, we talked about a discount that is available that can help those with plenty of driving experience under their belts – the mature driver discount. Learn more… Save on Auto Insurance with a Mature Driver Discount

~ Many drivers don’t really understand what lending out their car means for auto insurance coverage. Does it mean that whoever borrows your car is covered by their own insurance? Or does lending out your car mean lending out your insurance? So we thought it would be a good idea to cover the topic of whether someone is covered when they take your car for a spin and what you need to know as a vehicle owner lending your car out… Auto Insurance Q & A – When My Friend Borrows My Car, Are They Covered?

~ For those on the hunt for cheap auto insurance, one way auto insurance is an option that some drivers consider in order to get the best rates. In this post, we looked at some considerations of this type of insurance coverage and the important points to keep in mind when deciding if it’s the right fit for you and your situation… Auto Insurance Q & A – Should I Go For One Way Insurance?

~ It’s probably one of the worst things about being a driver – getting in an accident. Whether you are at fault, or someone crashed into you, it’s a super stressful and difficult situation to be in. If you’ve been in a car accident, here is a checklist of the information you should gather… Car Insurance Resource – Post Accident Checklist

~ We did a whole series of Auto Insurance Q&A posts around the topic of secondary drivers…

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Secondary Driver to My Policy?

                  – When Should I Add a Second Driver to My Car Insurance?

                  – How Do I Add a Second Driver to My Car Insurance?


~ If you have minimum coverage in place for your renters or tenant insurance, here are some things you might want to consider… Tenant Insurance – Considerations for Minimum Coverage

~ In a previous post, we touched on what an experience letter is and how it can assist drivers with getting cheaper coverage for their auto insurance. Did you know that this letter of experience can also help in your quest for cheap home insurance? Learn more… Letter of Experience for Home Insurance

~ Short term rentals have become an increasingly popular option for travellers looking for alternatives to traditional hotels. As such, many home owners are taking advantage of this trend to make some additional income from their properties. Are you thinking about doing short term rentals on your property? If so, there are implications for your home insurance coverage. Let’s got into some of the details… What You Need to Know About Short Term Rentals and Home Insurance


~ As we know, doing all that you can to avoid an insurance claim is key to keeping your business insurance costs as low as possible. In this post, we covered some of the steps that you or your team can take at the end of the day as you are preparing to close up your premises for the day… Closing up Shop for the Day – Steps to Take To Protect Your Business


~ In order to become a licenced broker, you must go through the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) and they have made some updates to their standards and process. Learn more in this post… Want to Become an Insurance Broker in Ontario? Updates to RIBO Standards

~ Did you know that in Ontario, you will no longer get a notice in the mail about your driver’s licence expiry?  The government announced that they will no longer send a paper notice for any licences that expire on or after March 1, 2022. Learn more… Don’t Forget to Keep Tabs on Your Driver’s Licence Expiration Date

~ Auto theft has been on the rise in our province. The latest stats are out for Ontario and the rise in vehicle theft is dramatic… skyrocketing in fact. In 2022, Canadian auto insurers paid out more than ever before for vehicle theft claims. Learn more about what this means for your auto insurance and what you can do… Auto Theft Skyrocketing in Ontario

~ In its newest budget, the Ontario government has announced that drivers in the province can choose to opt-out of DCPD coverage for their auto insurance coverage. But what does this really mean for your insurance and is opting out a good idea? Learn more… You Can Now Opt Out of DCPD Coverage for Auto Insurance… but Should You?

~ The latest findings from the auditor general of Ontario confirm that despite the fact that in our province we have one of the lowest rates of car accident injuries, we have the highest car insurance premiums in Canada. Check out…  The Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance in Ontario


Like all industries, insurance has its own language and uses all kinds of terms and jargon that may not be common knowledge. For this reason, we have available on our site a glossary of insurance terms as well as a collection of blog posts that go a little more in-depth into some of the more common or confusing terms you might come across in business, home and auto insurance. Here are the terms we covered in 2023…

~ A Look at Primary Perils Versus Secondary Perils

~ One Way Auto Insurance

~ Indemnity (for business)

~ Principle or Primary Driver

The Most Popular Posts on the Blog

These were some of the other top posts on our blog in 2023. Dive into the archives and check them out!

Auto Insurance Q & A – Is It Possible for Two People to Own One Vehicle in Ontario?

Auto Insurance Q & A – How Much Does Your Insurance Go Up After a DUI in Ontario?

Auto Insurance Q & A: What Happens If I Miss a Payment on My Car Insurance?

From all of us here at Insurance Buddy, wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season and all the very best for 2023! We thank you for your business and support and we look forward to continuing to serve your insurance needs in Toronto and around the province of Ontario.

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