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Insurance Buddy 2022 Roundup

If you’ve missed any of our posts this year on auto, home or business insurance in Ontario, read on for the roundup of our content in 2022.


~ We know that vehicle theft rates affect the auto insurance premiums for different cars. It’s no wonder that these Top 10 Stolen Vehicles posts on our blog are so popular! Check out the recently released list here…   Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Ontario 2022 Update

~ When you’re trying to get cheap auto insurance, it’s important that your broker or insurance provider have all the details so that they can offer you the best insurance rates possible. In this post, we talk about what an experience letter is and in what scenarios providing one could be helpful when getting auto insurance quotes… Auto Insurance Q & A – What Is an Experience Letter and Should I Get One?

~ We saw a lot of changes with auto insurance and the pandemic. As things start to shift back, at least in some ways, to what they were pre-pandemic, in this post we look at how that could affect auto insurance… How Auto Insurance Could Shift Post-pandemic

~ In Ontario this year as of March 2022, drivers no longer need licence plate stickers on their vehicles… No More Renewal Fees for Licence Plates in Ontario

~ In this post, we looked at where things stood with auto insurance rates – some communities in Ontario that were hit hard with increases (including a discussion of why); Ontario saw a new city come out on top as the leader in rates across the province; and finally how inflation, supply chain issues and rising costs play a role in the rates you pay… An Update on Auto Insurance Rates in Ontario and Where We Can Expect Things to Go

~ We updated this post a couple of times over the year as trends around fraud and vehicle theft continue to evolve… Fraud – The Latest Trends in the Auto Space


~ Ever wondered how where you live affects your home insurance rates and what factors are at play? Check out this post… The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities for Home Insurance in Ontario

~ You might know about high risk auto insurance, but there is also such a thing as high risk home insurance. If you fall into this type of coverage, learn what you can do to save on your rates… Tips for Saving on High Risk Home Insurance

~ Rates going up… never something you want to hear, whether it’s about insurance or anything! In this post from the spring of 2022, we get into the different factors that are causing home insurance to rise… Here’s Why Home Insurance Rates in Ontario Are Going Up This Year 


~ Vehicles are a common and important part of business operations. But have you ever wondered when an actual commercial auto insurance policy is needed vs just regular coverage? Then this is the post for you… Business Use of a Vehicle – When You Need Commercial Auto Insurance


This year, we created a few posts that were longer than our usual content to cover off some topics that we get a lot of questions about. We wanted these blogs to be as comprehensive as possible including information specific to Ontario…

~ We get a lot of queries here at Insurance Buddy about DUIs and their effect on auto insurance premiums. In this longer post, we go over some of the most common questions around driving under the influence… Your Questions about DUIs in Ontario Answered

~ Another very common topic that comes up for us is questions around young drivers and auto insurance. So cue another longer post covering just that… Your Questions About Being a Young Driver in Ontario Answered

~ And finally, probably the most popular topic of all – high risk auto insurance. If you’ve been deemed a high risk driver, this post is for you… Your Questions About Being a High Risk Driver in Ontario Answered

The Most Popular Posts on the Blog

These were the top three posts on our blog in 2022. Dive into the archives and check them out!

Auto Insurance Q & A – Is It Possible for Two People to Own One Vehicle in Ontario?

Auto Insurance Q & A – How Much Does Your Insurance Go Up After a DUI in Ontario?

Auto Insurance Q & A: What Happens If I Miss a Payment on My Car Insurance?

From all of us here at Insurance Buddy, wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season and all the very best for 2022! We thank you for your business and support and we look forward to continuing to serve your insurance needs in Toronto and around the province of Ontario.

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