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Category Archives: Insurance Q & A

Auto Insurance Q & A: How Far Back Do Insurance Companies Look?

Whether you’ve been labelled a high risk driver, or you have an accident on your record that is driving up your auto insurance rates, a very…

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Home Insurance Q & A – How is Condo Insurance Different from Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a general term that can refer to various types of insurance, such as coverage for a single family home, a condo or renters/tenant…

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Business Insurance Q & A: Do I Need Commercial General Liability Coverage?

As a business owner, you might wonder about the insurance coverage you have set up for your company and whether you have your bases covered. In…

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Home Insurance Q & A – Can I Repair or Renovate My House Without Changing My Insurance?

While it might be tempting to power through a renovation to your house without contacting your insurer in order to save on home insurance rates, this…

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Auto Insurance Q & A – How Is My Telematics Data Used?

For those of you who have been with us for a while you’ll know that here at Insurance Buddy, we suggest the use of telematics as…

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Auto Insurance Q & A – Is It Possible for Two People to Own One Vehicle in Ontario?

As we all know, it’s getting more and more expensive to own a car these days. From rising auto insurance costs (especially here in Ontario, right?)…

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Auto Insurance Q & A: What Happens If I Miss a Payment on My Car Insurance?

  Whether it just slipped your mind, you’ve had some logistical hiccups with your banking or you’re dealing with cash flow challenges, missing a payment can…

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Auto Insurance Q & A: How Long Are You Considered a High Risk Driver?

In our efforts to make our blog as helpful a resource as possible when it comes to insurance related matters, we’re going to start doing up…

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