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Auto Insurance Q & A – How Much Does Your Insurance Go Up After a DUI in Ontario?

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As we’ve discussed many times here on the blog, there are various different factors that can place a driver into the high risk category.

From dangerous driving behaviours to missing payment on your insurance premiums, there are a myriad of reasons why someone might be considered high risk in the eyes of an insurance company.

And once you’re considered high risk, you will be paying the price, literally, with higher rates.

A DUI charge is one serious offence that will wreak havoc with your insurance. In this post we thought we’d touch on a very common question when it comes to auto insurance – what happens to your rates after a DUI?

A DUI and your auto insurance rates

Your insurance rates will definitely go up. By how much depends, as it does with other high risk auto insurance factors, on things such as what your driving history is like and how serious your offence was. It will also depend on your specific insurer, as different companies have different policies.

Generally speaking, you can definitely expect your rates to double. They may even go up by as much as 3-5x times what you paid before or what someone that has a good driving record would pay. 

When can you expect cheaper auto insurance coverage?

A DUI in Ontario will stay on your driving abstract for 3 years. If your license was suspended, make that 6 years. Some insurers will also follow the three year rule, while others can keep the DUI on their records for up to 6. After this, assuming that you had a perfect driving record during that time, your rates should go back to what they were.

It’s important to note that some insurers may simply cancel coverage with a DUI. It’s no surprise that insurance companies do not look favourably on drivers with a DUI. Repeat offences driving under the influence are very common.

It’s crucial to speak with your insurance company or broker after a DUI to discuss your coverage and ensure that you are still protected, in the event you need to look for a new provider or enter the residual market. We don’t need to tell you how risky it is to drive without auto insurance in place.

The bottom line is that once you have a DUI on your record, you are considered high risk and your premiums (or even coverage eligibility) will reflect that.

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