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Your Questions about DUIs in Ontario Answered

As specialists in high risk auto insurance here in Ontario, we get a lot of questions around DUIs and what the implications are for insurance coverage. Drivers that get charged with driving under the influence are put in the high risk category for car insurance. Which means that they will pay higher rates and suffer other consequences of their poor decision to get behind the wheel in an intoxicated state.

In this post, we’re going to cover some of the most common queries and concerns we get around DUIs. Let’s dive in!

DUI Basics

What does DUI mean?

DUI stands for driving under the influence. This could be for driving with alcohol in your system or for using other recreational substances before getting behind the wheel. This is also often referred to as impaired driving.

Implications for auto insurance when you have a DUI

What does it mean to be a high risk driver?

Being a high risk driver means that the insurance companies see you as presenting some sort of risk – they see you as being more likely to have an auto insurance claim which means that they will charge you higher insurance rates. There are various factors that can place you in the category of a high risk driver, a DUI being one of the major ones. Other reasons include having a poor driving record (such as having traffic violations or at fault accidents on your record), being a young driver or being a new driver. Check out this post for a definition of a high risk driver.

How much more auto insurance will I pay?

The effect of a DUI on your rates will depend on the severity of the infraction, as well as what your driving history looks like. It will also depend on the policy of your insurance company around DUIs. You can at the very least expect your auto insurance rates to double, if not increase by 3-5 times.

How long will the DUI stay on my record?

In Ontario, tickets and infractions remain on your driver’s record for three years and the same goes for a DUI. If your licence was suspended, this will stay on your record for six years. As with everything insurance related, the effect on your auto insurance rates depends on your specific provider, so make sure you understand their particular policies around DUIs and high risk drivers.

When will my auto insurance rates go back to what they were before the DUI?

Using the general timelines suggested in the question above, and assuming that you maintain a perfect driving record during this time, your rates should go back to normal levels once the DUI is off your record.

Have you been charged with a DUI and now are dealing with high risk auto insurance? Be sure to check out our post that covers some of the most common questions we get about being a high risk driver.

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