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Your Questions About Being a Young Driver in Ontario Answered

As specialists in high risk auto insurance here in Ontario, we get a lot of questions around being a young driver and what the implications are for insurance coverage. Young drivers pay more for their insurance, so if you find yourself in this category, it’s important to be as well informed as possible about getting coverage and looking ahead to your driving future. Keep reading for some of the most common queries and concerns around being a young driver in Ontario…

The Basics

Let’s start off by looking at some of the most common general questions about being a young driver and getting auto insurance…

What is the Difference in Insurance Between G1 and G2 Licences?

A G1 is the first step in the journey to getting a driver’s licence in Ontario. Since it is a learner’s licence, it comes with an array of restrictions. The next step is a G2 and you receive it after 12 months with a G1 (or 8 months if you’ve taken a driver’s education course) and after passing a road test. With a G1 licence, you cannot hold your own auto insurance and with a G2 licence you can.

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What is high risk auto insurance and what does it have to do with young drivers?

If you’re a young driver, or a new driver, perhaps you have never heard of high risk auto insurance. You also might not know that you are automatically considered high risk by insurers due to your inexperience out on the road. And this means you will pay more for your car insurance coverage. Check out the next section for more information on your to get the best insurance rates, even if you are young.

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Young drivers and getting the best insurance rates

In this section, let’s take a look at some ways you can get cheaper insurance for your car, even if you are young or inexperience.  

How can I get the best insurance rates as a young driver?

~ Start now by building up a clean driving record. As the years of good driving pile up, your rates will go down.

~ Getting your own car? Choose it carefully, as the vehicle you drive affects your insurance rates.

~ Take a driver training course (see more on that below).

~ Ask your parents if you can get put on their policy (read on below).

~ Ask insurers about student discounts when you are getting a quote for auto insurance.

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How can I get cheaper auto insurance for my teen?

When you’ve got a teen or a young driver in the family, you’re going to get hit with higher rates. Check out these tips for getting cheaper insurance rates for young drivers:

~ Add them to your auto insurance policy

~ Put them through driving school (more on that below)

~ Help them out with joint car ownership (learn more 2 people owning one car in this post)

~ Inform your insurance provider about the specifics of how much they will be driving

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Can You Get Cheaper Auto Insurance by Going to a Driving School?

Yes! If you’re a new or young driver, attending a driver’s education course can save you anywhere from 5-15% on your auto insurance rates, depending on the insurance provider. Make sure that you sign up for a course that is recognized by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario and that you provide your insurance provider with your certificate of completion.

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