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Auto Insurance Q & A – What is the Difference in Insurance Between G1 and G2 Licences?

G2 Licence Ontario

As a young driver or new driver, auto insurance coverage is often top of mind. You’re excited to get behind the wheel, but not so excited about what comes along with being put in the high risk auto insurance category. As we discussed in this post, young and new drivers are considered risky, and insurance rates reflect this risk. Providers are, understandably, looking to protect themselves.

Getting cheap auto insurance can be a real challenge!

In this post, we’re going to look at a very common question for new drivers – what can they expect insurance wise with a G1 licence and a G2 licence and what is the difference between the two?

First off, if you’re not super familiar with the licensing system here in Ontario, check out these posts with definitions and some of the basics you need to know about these two types of drivers licence:

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Auto insurance differences between G1 and G2

~ G1 licence holders are not able to carry their own auto insurance coverage. To drive, they need to be covered by another driver’s coverage, whether from parents, family members or friends.

~ With a G2 licence, you can get your own auto insurance coverage. You can also still remain under the coverage of someone else. With both scenarios, higher premiums are to be expected, as you will be considered high risk.

~ Generally speaking, adding a G1 driver to an insurance policy does not carry financial repercussions (be sure to confirm this with your provider as all companies have different policies!). It’s when adding a G2 driver that the policy holder can expect to see higher rates.

~ You can own a car with a G1 licence, you just can’t insurance it as per the point above.

~ Even though with a G1 licence you’re not carrying your own auto insurance, your driving record still matters! Insurance providers will look at your driving under the G1 when setting your auto insurance rates with a G2 licence.

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If you have any further questions about graduated licencing in Ontario and what this means for auto insurance rates, please feel free to get in touch with someone from our team. Or head over here to get an online quote – we’re here to provide you with the cheapest auto insurance rates possible.

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