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An Overview of Ontario’s G1 Licence

G1 Licence Ontario

We get a lots of queries about G1 licences in Ontario, so we thought we’d do up a post to cover off some of the basics and touch on car insurance related matters.

What is a G1?

Getting a G1 licence is the first step in getting a driver’s licence in Ontario – a process known as graduated licensing. To obtain a G1, you must be at least 16 years old, pass an eye test as well as pass a written test about the rules of the road in our province. You can apply (fee required) and take the tests at any DriveTest Centre. There is also a handbook for purchase (buy either online or at a DriveTest centre) that helps you study for the test. With these requirements met, you are issued a G1 licence, commonly referred to as a learner’s licence, as it is now time to learn how to drive.

What are some of the restrictions?

As the first stage in the graduated licensing process, there are numerous restrictions for G1 drivers such as:

  • You must drive with a driver that has at least 4 years of driving experience under their belt.
  • Drive with ZERO alcohol level in your blood
  • Every passenger must have a seatbelt
  • You cannot drive between midnight and 5am.

Once you have passed your road test, you then move on to the G2 licensing stage.

G1 licence and car insurance

A very common question when it comes to the G1 licence is whether you can get car insurance. The answer is no. Only G2 drivers and those with a full driver’s licence can get insurance. When you’re driving under a G1 licence, you will be driving under someone else’s insurance, such as your parents or guardians.

Have a new G1 driver in your household? Be sure to let your insurance provider know about a G1 driver driving under your policy. Usually, insurance companies do not charge for adding a G1 driver.

Buying a car

A common question is also whether it is possible to buy a car with a G1 licence. While there is nothing stopping you from purchasing a vehicle, you will not be able to insure it until you get a G2. You may be able to insure the vehicle under your parent’s or spouse’s car insurance plan, so check in with their insurance provider if this on your radar.

Please note that while you may not be able to purchase your own car insurance plan at this point, your driving record while under the G1 is still very important. When it comes time to move on to your G2 licence, insurers will use your G1 record, amongst other factors, to determine what auto insurance rates you will pay.

For more specific details about the G1 licence and the steps you need to take to get a driver’s licence in Ontario, visit the government of Ontario’s official website. To learn more about the G2 licence, click here.

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If you have any questions about a G1 licence and car insurance in Ontario, reach out to one of our insurance professionals today. Or go here to get a car insurance quote.  

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