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An Overview of Ontario’s G2 Licence

G2 Licence Ontario

To follow up on our post about the G1 licence in Ontario, we’re now going to discuss the next step in getting a full G driver’s licence in our province – the G2 licence…

What is a G2?

The G2 is the step after having the G1 learner’s licence. You receive the G2 after 12 months with a G1 (or 8 months if you’ve taken a driver’s education course) and after passing a road test.

What are some of the restrictions?

Unlike the G1 licence, with a G2 there is more freedom – you are generally able to drive at any time of day (if you’re over 19) and are no longer required to have an experienced driver with you. However, there are still limitations, such as having a zero blood alcohol level, as well as several restrictions if you are 19 years old or under (go here to get more specifics on G2 age restrictions in Ontario from the provincial government).

G2 licence and car insurance

Unlike the G1 licence, with the G2 you are now able to purchase your own car insurance (as opposed to just being added to the policy of a spouse or family member).

If you will continue driving under the policy of someone else, you must inform the insurance company that you have now graduated to a G2 licence. And you can now expect that there will be an increase in the cost of that insurance policy. In fact, the costs can be quite a bit since new drivers are considered high risk, so be prepared! However, adding a young driver to a policy generally will be less expensive than that new driver buying their own policy.

Looking for more information? Click here to learn more about young drivers and car insurance, here for how parents can help their teen get better rates, or head over here for some of our tips for getting cheaper car insurance coverage.

If you have more specific questions in regards to the G2 licence or graduated licencing in Ontario and car insurance coverage, one of the specialists from our team will be happy to share their expertise. Reach out today. Or head over here if you’re in the market to get a quote on auto insurance.

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