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Top 10 Least Stolen Vehicles in Ontario 2023 Update

November, 2023

We just posted about the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Ontario, but for the first time, the Équité Association (a national organization whose mandate is to reduce and prevent insurance fraud and crime) has also released the Top 10 least popular cars for thieves last year. When you’re looking for cheap auto insurance, you need to weigh all the different factors that come into play for the best rates – including theft rates (you can learn more in this post).

Top 10 LEAST stolen vehicles in Ontario 2023 update

This list from the Équité Association is based on the number of thefts in Ontario…  

1 – Cadillac XT5 (SUV)

2 – Fiat 500 (Sedan)

3 – Ford/Lincoln Escape/Corsair (SUV)

4 – Buick Verano (Sedan)

5 – Chevrolet Impala (Sedan)

6 – Buick/Chevrolet Enclave/Traverse (SUV)

7 – Toyota Yaris (Sedan)

8 – Volvo XC60 (SUV)

9 – Nissan Micra Hatchback (Sedan)

10 – Hyundai Kona (SUV)

Source: Équité Association – Top 10 Least Stolen Vehicles

If you’re curious about checking out the lists for Canada and for other provinces, the link above also has access to all that information as well as more detailed information about the data for Ontario, such as the number of thefts, their theft frequency percentage as well as the number of these vehicles insured in our province.

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When it comes to finding cheap auto insurance, consider the car you drive and how likely it is to be a target for thieves. Get in touch with one of our insurance specialists to learn more or click here to get an auto insurance quote online.

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