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Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Ontario for 2021

As a driver, you’re always looking out for cheap auto insurance and how to get the best insurance rates possible on your vehicle.

As we’ve discussed here on the blog, there are so many different factors that influence the quotes you are given and the rate you end up paying.

One such factor is the car that you drive – insurance providers take into account the make and model of your car and its likelihood to be involved in an auto insurance claim when they set their rates.

Having your car stolen is one common reason for making a claim, so as we’ve done for the last few years (check out 2019 and 2020), let’s take a look at the top 10 stolen vehicles in Ontario for 2021.

Top 10 stolen vehicles in Ontario in 2021

Équité Association has released their lists for the top 10 stolen vehicles across Canada. Here is their list for Ontario for 2021 (note that the year indicates the most common year stolen):

#1 – 2018 Lexus RX Series (Type: SUV)

#2 – 2019 Honda CR-V Series (Type: Sedan)

#3 – 2019 Honda Civic Series (Type: Sedan)

#4 – 2019 Toyota Highlander Series (Type: SUV)

#5 – 2017 Chevrolet / GMC Silverado Series, Sierra 1500 Series, 2500 Series, 3500 Series (Type: Pick-up)

#6 – 2017 Ford  F-150 Series, F-250 Series, F-350 Series, F-450 Series (Type: Pick-up)

#7 – 2019 Dodge / Ram 1500 Series, 2500 Series, 3500 Series (Type: Pick-up)

#8 – 2018 Honda Accord Series (Type: Sedan)

#9 – 2017 Toyota Corolla Series (Type: Sedan)

#10 – 2016 Land Rover/Range Rover (Type: SUV)

Source: Équité Association – Top 10 Stolen Vehicles

If you’re curious about checking out the lists for Canada and for other provinces, the link above also has access to all that information.

Équité Association shared a few key takeaways from their compilations. Electronic theft continues to rise, high-end SUVs are very lucrative for export and consumers are being duped into purchasing stolen vehicles thanks to false vehicle identification numbers (VINs). Learn more about these specific trends in this post.

Check out these posts from the archives with more on auto insurance and vehicle theft:

When it comes to finding cheap auto insurance, consider your car and how likely it is to get stolen. Reach out to one of our insurance specialists to learn more about the specific car you drive, or click here to get an auto insurance quote online.

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