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Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Ontario for 2020

Car theft Ontario

When you’re on the look out for cheap car insurance, there are so many things that factor in to the rates that you end up paying (we’ve covered four of the most common here).

Did you know that the car that you drive plays a role?

Insurers consider vehicles based on the likelihood that they will be involved in a car insurance claim.

And one common clause for making a claim is having your car stolen.

So in this post let’s look at the vehicle theft rates in our province and which specific cars topped the list as the most stolen in Ontario in 2020.

Top 10 stolen vehicles in Ontario in 2020

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released their top 10 stolen vehicles for regions across Canada. Here is their list for Ontario for 2020:

#1 – 2017 Lexus RX350/RX450h 4DR AWD

#2 – 2018 Lexus RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD

#3 – 2018 Honda CR-V 4DR AWD

#4 – 2018 Toyota Highlander 4DR 4WD

#5 – 2019 Lexus RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD

#6 – 2016 Lexus RX350/RX450h 4DR AWD

#7 – 2017 Toyota Highlander 4DR 4WD

#8 – 2017 Honda CR-V 4DR AWD

#9 – 2019 Honda CR-V 4DR AWD

#10 – 2018 Honda Accord 4DR

{Source: IBC – Top 10 Stolen Vehicles}

So what are the takeaways that IBC has gleaned from this list? For one, we can see that electronic theft is on the rise as all the vehicles are newer. Thieves have figured out keyless entry, using wireless transmitter devices to unlock cars. We can also see that high-end vehicles figure prominently, indicating that the market for overseas export is strong as is the lucrative business of stripping cars for parts.  And a trend that has emerged during COVID is street racing and drifting, requiring small, fast vehicles, often stolen. To learn more, check out “IBC reveals the latest trends in auto theft” on Canadian Underwriter.

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When it comes to finding cheap car insurance, it’s important to consider your vehicle and its theft rate. Get in touch with one of our insurance specialists to get more information about the specific car you drive, or click here to get a car insurance quote online.

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