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How Thieves Choose Which Cars to Steal

Car theft Ontario

As we know, there are a myriad of factors that play into how car insurance rates are set.

One such factor is the rate of theft of a particular make and model of car.

So to get cheap car insurance, you might want to look at your particular vehicle and its theft rates.

{Click here to check the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Ontario for 2019 and here for the top 10 for 2020.}

Wondering why and how certain cars are stolen over others? Let’s take a look…

Older vehicles trump the rest

While you might think that it’s just new, fancy cars that are targeted for theft because of their value, you might be surprised to learn that it’s often older cars that are the target of thieves. Why? There are a few reasons…

~ A lack of electronic vehicle immobilizers. Older cars don’t have them – they were only mandated back in 2007 which is why so many pre-2007 cars are often stolen. Without an immobilizer, a car can be hot-wired.

~ Vehicles are often stolen to be stripped for replacement parts. As cars age, there is more of a demand for their parts for repair.

~ Cars are often stolen to be used for committing other crimes, so it’s no wonder that thieves choose the vehicles that are the easiest to steal. Same goes for joy-riding.

~ Older cars are often in high demand overseas, so there is a market for them.

New cars are also targets

But it’s not just the old cars that thieves target. As you can see from the top 10 stolen cars, there are plenty of newer models that make the list. They are also valuable. And while it may seem that they would not be targeted because they would be so hard to steal, keep in mind that thieves are incredibly savvy and are finding ways around the technology that is meant to protect cars. These days, thieves have figured out how to use wireless signals to intercept the signals of fobs.

So the bottom line is, no matter the car you drive, take the precautions to safeguard your car and prevent any car insurance claims arising from theft.

Resource used for this post: Why thieves love the older models of Ford pickup trucks – Canadian Underwriter.

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