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Category Archives: Young Drivers

Your Questions About Being a High Risk Driver in Ontario Answered

As specialists in high risk auto insurance here in Ontario, we get a lot of questions around being a high risk driver and what the implications…

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Insurance Buddy 2021 Roundup

If you’re looking for more information on insurance coverage in Ontario, you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve missed any of our posts this year…

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How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance for Your Teenager

The day has finally arrived. Your teenager has turned 16 and is raring to get behind the wheel. As a parent, you’re instrumental in supporting your…

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Auto Insurance Q & A – Can You Get Cheaper Insurance by Going to a Driving School?

Being a young driver is expensive when it comes to auto insurance, as we have talked about here. If you’re new to driving and you have…

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Auto Insurance Q & A – What is the Difference in Insurance Between G1 and G2 Licences?

As a young driver or new driver, auto insurance coverage is often top of mind. You’re excited to get behind the wheel, but not so excited…

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An Overview of Ontario’s G2 Licence

To follow up on our post about the G1 licence in Ontario, we’re now going to discuss the next step in getting a full G driver’s…

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An Overview of Ontario’s G1 Licence

We get a lots of queries about G1 licences in Ontario, so we thought we’d do up a post to cover off some of the basics…

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Insurance Terms Defined – Occasional Driver

Ahhh jargon. As with any industry, the world of insurance is chock full of vocabulary that is often incomprehensible to someone not in the field. And…

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How to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates as a Young Driver

As a young driver you are definitely looking for cheap car insurance – as cheap as possible, right? Especially if you’re the one footing the bill….

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