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Auto Insurance Q & A – How Do I Add a Second Driver to My Car Insurance?

Do you have someone, say in your household or family, that regularly uses your car? As the principle driver on your car insurance plan, you are the one that uses the vehicle the most. But if there is someone else who does use your car on a regular basis – not just a one-off – it’s important to have them listed as a secondary driver or occasional driver on your policy.  Let’s go through the steps of adding them on to your plan.

Gather their information

To add a second driver to your car insurance plan, you will need to have all of their information ready:

~ Full name and date of birth
~ Address
~ Driver’s Licence Number
~ The date they got their licence (and if they went through the graduated licensing system in Ontario, have the dates for their G1 and G2)
~ Car insurance background – if they have or have had their own insurance, gather that information so that you can provide your insurance company with their history (name of the company or companies that insured them, how many years they were insured for, policy numbers, and any claims made)
~ Other background information on their driving history, such as accidents or driving infractions; tickets or fines
~ If they are a newer driver and they went to driving school, be sure to disclose that

Get in touch with your car insurance provider

With all this information ready, you can now get in touch with your insurance provider to add this person to your plan as a secondary driver. As always, be sure to ask questions and find out if there is any other background you can provide that will help to lower your insurance rates. A secondary driver and their history will affect the premiums you pay for your plan (learn more about that in this post), so you want to ensure that you are providing the full story and that you’re not missing out on any opportunities to save. A good broker will work with you to get you the best insurance rates possible.

You can also discuss how the members of your household are added to your plan. In Ontario, household members are automatically included in your car insurance coverage, but there is the possibility of excluding them. Talk to your broker or provider about the repercussions of doing so and if it makes sense in your particular scenario.

If you’re looking for more information about when you need to add a driver to your car insurance, check out this post.

Need to add a secondary driver to your auto insurance plan, or wondering if you need to? Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to determine your needs and how you can get the best insurance rates possible. Or head over here to get an auto insurance quote online.  

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