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No More Renewal Fees for Licence Plates in Ontario

Did you hear? As of last weekend (March 13, 2022) drivers in Ontario no longer need licence plate stickers or to pay their renewal fees. This is a savings of $120 per year for drivers in the southern part of our province and $60 annually for those in the North. This new legislation applies to passenger vehicles, as well as light duty trucks and motorcycles and mopeds.

Money back

Have you paid to renew your licence plate since March of 2020? The good news is that you will be getting a refund for those fees – a cheque will be coming in the mail, provided you don’t have unpaid fines or tolls. Eligible drivers should receive the refund by the end of this month or in April.

New address?

Have you moved recently? Head over to the government of Ontario’s website to change your address online. This will mean that your refund will be delayed, but you will still receive it. Same goes if you still have to pay fines or fees.

Business owned vehicles

How about commercial vehicles? Cars and vehicles registered to a business will also be part of the fee removal, however they are not eligible for the refund.

The future of licence plate renewal

So what will renewal look like going forward? You will still have to do the process as per usual in Ontario, verifying your auto insurance information and taking care of any outstanding fines at time of renewal. You just won’t have to pay the renewal fees.

Here is the government of Ontario detailed information about the change, including links to change your address or pay your outstanding fees:

~ Get a refund or credit for your licence plate sticker or driver’s licence

Resources referenced for this post:

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Ontario to scrap vehicle licence renewal fees, requirement for stickers – CBC Toronto (check out this article if you’re interested in learning about the ramifications of this dropping of fees and some of the politics around the issue)

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