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Save on Auto Insurance with a Mature Driver Discount

Here are Insurance Buddy, we’re all about helping our clients find the best auto insurance rates. We’ve shared different tips and tricks here on the blog for how to do just that, with posts like this one and that one.

In this post, let’s talk about a discount that is available that can help those with plenty of driving experience under their belts – the mature driver discount.

What is a mature driver discount for auto insurance?

As the name suggests a mature driver discount, or a senior’s rate, allows older drivers to leverage their years of driving experience into costs savings when it comes to insurance. As we know, insurance companies weigh risks as they are setting rates, and drivers with a clean driving record that spans decades and solid insurance history are considered much safer than say a young driver that has just gotten their driver’s licence.

When are you considered a senior driver?

The age at which one was deemed a senior driver used to be 65 years old, but now it is suggested that at the age of 50 you can start asking about this discount. Different insurance companies have different policies, so inquire with different providers and find out who can offer the most competitive rates the earliest.

Note that as one heads into their 70s and 80s, they can expect insurance rates to start rising again, as in this age group, the risk for insurers is deemed higher.

How much will I save as a senior driver?

You can expect savings of up to 15%, but again this depends on the company. Remember though that this discount is not simply handed out due to one’s age – a clean driving record with no collisions, no tickers and certainly no DUIs is where discounts will come into play. If you have a long history of being a good driver, it’s a good chance that you will be able to save on your auto insurance rates as you head into your golden years.

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Have you turned 50 and wondering if you are eligible for a mature driver discount? Want to learn more about auto insurance rates for seniors? Reach out to one of the insurance specialists on our team. Or head over here to get an auto insurance quote online.

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