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How to Get the Best Insurance Rates

Best insurance rates

Insurance is one of those things that is a necessity of life, whether you want to drive a car or protect your home. As such, there are insurance agents and companies left, right and centre vying for your business. There are so many options and it can get overwhelming and confusing. But if you want to get the best rates, it is up to you to take charge of the process.

As we know, there is no one size fits all policy and we all have specific requirements, whether we have been deemed a high risk driver, or are a landlord with tenant insurance considerations. And then there are the factors that affect us all – going insurance rates in your local area, your credit score, inflation etc.

So how can you go about getting the best insurance rates? Here are some of our top tips…

Get several quotes: You might be surprised at the difference in rates you get from different companies. Yes, it’s a little bit more work to get a number of price and plan options, but then you’re in the best position to find the lowest rates and the ideal fit for your needs.

Give yourself plenty of time: Two days before your existing policy expires or before you need coverage is not the ideal time to start looking for home or car insurance quotes. By starting early, you will have the time to do more research and comparison. While with us you can get quotes in just minutes for either car insurance or home insurance, it can take time to gather all your information. If you’re in a rush, you may settle for less than the best rate in your hurry to put the needed coverage in place. Or you may just decide to renew your existing plan without checking if a better rate is available.

Ask questions: There are various ways that you can lower your insurance rates, so be sure to ask what options are at your disposal. Perhaps you can combine home and car insurance for a fee reduction. Maybe you can get a discount on your home insurance rates if you have a security system installed. Perhaps enrolling in telematics will shave a few dollars off your monthly premiums. Good agents will always be well-informed on cost savings strategies.

Talk to your current provider: Just because you have been with an insurance company or plan for some time does not mean you need to preserve status quo. Once you’ve done your research and have some quotes in hand, compare them to your current rates. If they differ, you can use this information as leverage to negotiate a better rate. You may be offered a discount or your agent may find additional savings to apply to your plan. It never hurts to ask!

These are some of our top recommendations for searching out the best insurance rates. Contact us to get your insurance quote today – 1-855-237-2905 or check out our online quote tools for both home and auto

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