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How to Reduce Home Insurance Costs

At Insurance Buddy we’re here to help you to get lower rates for home insurance!

Prices are rising for home insurance in the province of Ontario due to the many claims as a result of the increased weather related losses.

Water damage, for example, has significantly increased in Ontario. We had a major downpour of rain on July 8, 2013, which resulted in numerous losses. We had an ice storm in December 2013 that wreaked havoc and caused much damage throughout Ontario.
We now see tornados touching down and creating catastrophic losses. All these climactic events have contributed to increases in home insurance rates in Toronto and throughout the whole province.

While we can’t control Mother Nature, there are ways that you can lower what you are paying to insure your home and property.

Here are some of the top ways to reduce your home insurance premiums:

  • Increase the deductible
  • Alarm System Discount
  • Water Mitigation (backup water flow valve, sump pump with back up battery)
  • Home Maintenance (gutters taking water away from home, grading around property, condition of shingles etc.)
  • Water Tank (replace with new one or get a Waterless Tank System)
  • Updating Plumbing in residence(fix leaking toilet, leaking shower, etc.)
  • Foundation Leaks (get them repaired)

When combined, the above action items will help you obtain reduced home insurance rates.

Are you in the high risk home insurance category? Be sure to check out this post with some tips for saving on your premiums. 

But that’s not all you can do. We’re here to help too! We utilize data of various markets to find you the cheapest home insurance possible in Toronto and around Ontario.

Our free online quoting system let you obtain multiple quote in just a few minutes. Our team is also standing by if you prefer to call and discuss your options over the phone.

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