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Insurers are Reducing Rates in Ontario

Good news for those of us that live in Ontario!

Across the board, insurers are reducing rates in our province. Some are doing so earlier than others and some offer more savings than others. With insurance rates, things are always different from provider to provider. Working with an insurance broker like Insurance Buddy gives you the inside scoop on the best rates and deals out there!

For example, our experienced brokers can share their knowledge about…

~ New discounts allotted from certain carriers

~ The snow tire discount

~ The minor conviction free endorsement

Insurers are competing for your business. This puts you, the customer, in an advantageous position.

So if you are looking for the best insurance rates in Toronto and Ontario, click or call now: 1-855-237-2905

If you’re on the hunt for lower car insurance rates, be sure to have your existing policies on hand as this will help speed up the process in getting your quote.

If it’s home insurance you’re after, you’ve probably experienced that home insurance rates have been increasing and will continue to rise in the short term. But we can help with finding you the most economical option. One great way to save is by combining home and auto insurance to achieve the lowest possible cost.

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