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Checklist: Getting Ready for Winter Driving

Winter is upon us and as drivers in Toronto and Ontario, we have to be very cognizant of winter driving conditions and staying safe on the road. Snow, ice, fog, you name it. We get it all here.

So it’s time to make sure that your car is winter ready. Not sure exactly what that entails? Check out our checklist below…

Winter driving checklist:

  • Winter Tires (bonus: drivers in Ontario now get a discount on their car insurance rates for having winter tires! Learn more in this post)
  • New wiper blades
  • Top up of all fluids
  • Brakes should be tested
  • Make sure all lights are in working condition
  • Circle check vehicle for any unknown damage
  • We also recommend having a vehicle safety emergency kit in your car just in case

And if you’re looking for cheap car insurance in and around Toronto and the province of Ontario, believe it or not, getting yourself and your car ready for winter can help.


Well, having your car properly winterized means that you are safer on the road and less likely to get into an accident due to adverse winter conditions. And as we talked about here, your driving record is directly linked to your car insurance rates.

Also, some insurers will even offer discounts for snow tires! So make sure you disclose this to our agent when you get in touch with us. We just may be able to get you a further reduction in your rates.


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