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New Legislation to Make Ontario’s Roads Safer

High risk driver

While traffic in Ontario was significantly reduced due to COVID-19, another effect of the pandemic on driving patterns in our province saw a marked increase in street racing and other high risk driving habits (we talked about that here).

In response to this worrying trend, the Ministry of Transportation is taking action with new legislation that targets unsafe driving.

It is called the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, 2021, and if it’s passed it will mean harsher penalties for those high risk drivers.

Some of these harsher penalties include:

~ Upping driver’s license suspensions from seven days to 14 days

~ Vehicle impoundment will also go up from seven days to 30 days

~ A driver that is convicted four times of infractions will be met with a life-time ban

~ On roads where the speed limit is under 80km/h, anyone travelling 40km/h or more above that will be more likely to face a street racing charge

This legislation will also include measures to further protect pedestrians and highway workers.

Here’s what the Minister of Transportation, Caroline Mulroney, had to say: “Both as Minister of Transportation and a parent to driving-aged teens, I am extremely concerned by the rising numbers of young drivers in Ontario caught stunt driving, street racing and driving aggressively.” (source: CBC)

Here’s hoping that this legislation will help to mitigate this alarming increase in high risk driving behaviours….


Ontario announces crackdown on street racing after huge spike in 2020 – CBC Toronto

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