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Is the Outside of Your Home Burglar Friendly? 9 Ways to Make Your House Less Attractive to Thieves

burglary prevention

When many of us think burglary prevention, alarm systems and door locks are often top of mind. But there are plenty of other things that factor into whether your home is a burglar magnet or a burglar deterrent. In this post, we’re going to specifically touch on what you can do to the outside of your home to make it less attractive to would be thieves and harder to force entry. All in the effort to avoid that home insurance claim of course!

9 ways to make your home less attractive to thieves

1- Consider your fencing. Often, the goal with a fence is to achieve complete privacy. But when you think about it, if you can’t see out, others can’t see in. Which makes the perfect cover for a burglar’s activities. Rather than a fence that would perfectly conceal what a thief is doing, choose a fencing style that offers some visibility.

2- Take a look at your garden. If your shrubbery blocks windows and doors from the line of sight, cut them back. If you have large trees next to your home, would someone be able to use them to get access to a window? If so, some trimming is in order.

3- Keep it bright. Use lighting to ensure that your property is as illuminated as possible so that no one can hide under the cover of darkness. Sensor lights are a great solution for the outdoors so that you don’t have lights on all night.

4- Look to Fido. Need another reason to get a dog? Your furry friend can act as a security guard. A barking dog can be a great deterrent. And whether you have a dog or not, there’s nothing stopping you from putting up a beware of dog sign.

5- Power up your doors. Ensure that all of your exterior doors are solid, not hollow. For the best protection against forced entry, go with metal doors. And don’t forget the hinges. Any door hinge on the outside of your house should have a center pin that can’t be removed or tampered with. When it comes to locks, deadbolt locks are the way to go.

6- Secure your glass. If there is glass close to a door lock, make sure that it is laminated or tempered glass. You can also coat the glass with acrylic or polycarbonate to strengthen it.

7- Have a basement? Consider hinged security bars over the windows, as the basement is one of the easiest and most common access points to a house. And of course, keep the key handy in the event an emergency exit is required.

8- Have a window air conditioner to get through the muggy summer months here in Ontario? Make sure it is secured from the inside.

9- Have sliding patio doors? Many people don’t think about how these types of doors could actually be lifted up and out of their tracks. An easy way to prevent this is to drill a hole into the upper track of the door and insert a screw that extends out into the runner.

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