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What to Do If Your House Is Broken Into

burglary preventio

It’s the nightmare of any home owner. You return home, walk into your house, and you can tell immediately that you have been robbed. Your mind might go to fear, panic, anger, shock, or all of the above.

There is so much that you can do to make your home less attractive to thieves and protect your valuables (like we’ve talked about here, here and here). But despite all your best efforts, a burglar can still find his or her way in and cause damage and loss. It’s not a pretty picture. But it’s important to try to keep you cool (as much as possible) and follow these steps…

– First and foremost, don’t stay! While you might be tempted to start going through your valuables and assessing damage, the most important thing to think of is your own safety. The burglar could still be in your home, even though it might look like the deed is done, so get out!

– Don’t touch anything. If a robbery has taken place, your home is now a crime scene. Resist the temptation to tidy or to assess damage by picking up objects or walking around. It’s crucial that you avoid disturbing anything so that any evidence, such as fingerprints, remain intact.

– Make your way immediately to either a neighbour’s house or other nearby location and call the police. Stay put while you wait for them to arrive.

– If when you get back you know that the robber is still on the premises, don’t think about playing the hero. You should NEVER confront a burglar. Get out as quickly as possible.

– Be wary of blocking the exit route. You might think to just step out your front door to make your call to the authorities, but if the burglar is still inside, you could be forcing a confrontation by hanging out by the way out.

– Start prepping for your insurance claim. Once the police report has been filed, your next step is to get compensation from your home insurance coverage. Create a list of anything stolen and any property damaged. It’s a good idea to take pictures of any of the damage. The more details you can offer your provider, the better. If you‘re unsure about what steps you should take with filing your claim, get in touch with your insurance broker to discuss further.

Getting your house robbed is one of the worst situations a home owner can find themselves in. In the event that this unfortunate occurrence happens to you, follow the steps above to stay safe and ensure that the resolution of this bad situation goes as smoothly as possible.

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