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Tips for Motor Vehicle Safety

Today we have an increasing number of motor vehicle accidents. Alot of it is to do with how we drive and our approach to being on the road. While driving we are very pre-occupied with our daily lives and our concentration level is decreased. We have a zillion things going on and our minds are focused on our ever-busy lives – our to-do lists, our appointments, our families, our work. Usually, driving is the last thing on our minds! And we may get to our destination without any recollection of the journey there.

This is just part and parcel of our modern lives it seems. But we can definitely avoid many accidents (and the resultant spikes in our auto insurance rates) if we do the following…

~ Stop texting while driving, not only is this a major distraction but it is placing many people in danger. Driving distracted is a bad habit that just seems to be getting worse!

~ Do not enter any roadway to make a left hand turn unless you have a 100% clear passage. If you make your move too early and end up stopped in the lane in an intersection or roadway (either fully or partially) awaiting your turn to make that left turn, it’s a very dangerous place to be and easily avoided.

~ Another major cause of accidents is letting a vehicle enter the roadway. As a driver you must keep the flow of traffic continuous so keep on driving and don’t think about letting someone enter the roadway when by traffic rules it is not their turn. Your being polite could result in an accident as other drivers on the road will not be anticipating your maneuver.

~ And it bears repeating, drinking and driving is a major cause of accidents and is a major no-no, no exceptions.

Let’s all do our share to make the roadway a safer place to be. Be on the look out for motorcycles and bicycles this summer.

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