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Vehicle Safety & Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates

vehicle safety best insurance rates


When you think of getting the best car insurance rates, you might not automatically think of vehicle safety. But there is a connection between safety and cheap car insurance.

Vehicle safety affects what happens to you on the road and what happens to you on the road affects your insurance.

Let’s look at an example. Your car’s left hand blinker is out. You make a left hand turn at a four way stop. Because you didn’t have a signal, a car coming the opposite way hits you. And because of this accident, your insurance rates go up.

Vehicle safety considerations

So how can you make sure that you car is as safe as possible? Here’s a checklist of some of the important things you need to ensure are functioning optimally on your car:

  • Headlights
  • Turn signal lights
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Wind-shield wiper fluid
  • Winter vehicle considerations (winter tires etc.) – check out our blog with a winter driving checklist

One of the best ways to be certain your car is meeting all the safety checkpoints is to keep it well maintained and take it for regular tune-ups to a reputable mechanic. This can help with the behind the scenes things that you might not notice until they fail, such as your tires going bald or your brake pads wearing out.

Safety precautions and your insurance rates

Car safety or theft prevention devices not only protect you from having your car stolen, they can also help to lower your insurance rates. Be sure when discussing insurance options with your broker that you let him or her know about any safety devices you might have installed.

The car you drive makes a difference

We all know that cars will have different safety ratings and that some cars are safer than others. This affects your insurance rates. Did you know that insurers consider the make and model of your car when determining the rates to charge you? Driving a car with good safety features is a way to get a cheaper rate.

Curious how your car stacks up? In the market for a new car and want to consider insurance rates before buying? Check out this guide to understanding how cars measure up from the Insurance Bureau of Canada to get a better understanding of how vehicles compare and how insurance providers view different types of cars.

We are talking insurance here, but of course your vehicle safety is important not just for getting the best car insurance rates. The most important thing of all is your personal safety and the safety of those in your car and other individuals on the road. And this is priceless.

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