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Category Archives: High Risk Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Q & A: What Happens If I Miss a Payment on My Car Insurance?

  Wondering about car insurance payments in Ontario during COVID-19? Please click here.  Whether it just slipped your mind, you’ve had some logistical hiccups with your…

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Auto Insurance Q & A: How Long Are You Considered a High Risk Driver?

In our efforts to make our blog as helpful a resource as possible when it comes to insurance related matters, we’re going to start doing up…

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Nix Aggressive Driving Habits and Avoid the High Risk Driver Label

If you’ve been deemed a high risk driver, you already know what this has done for your auto insurance rates. Being in the high risk category…

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7 Things You Need to Know as a High Risk Driver in Ontario

Whether due to too many traffic violations, tickets or accidents, certain drivers are deemed “high risk”. We’ve talked about high risk drivers and high risk auto…

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How to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates as a Young Driver

As a young driver you are definitely looking for cheap car insurance – as cheap as possible, right? Especially if you’re the one footing the bill….

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What You Need to Know About High Risk Auto Insurance

Wondering what high risk auto insurance is and whether it applies to you? This is something that we often get asked about here at Insurance Buddy,…

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High Risk Car Insurance Quotes

We’ve got some very good news for those of you that have been placed in the high risk category for car insurance. Insurers in Ontario have…

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Tips for High Risk Drivers

Did you know that on average, 6,700 injury and fatality crashes occur each year as a result of high-risk driving? There is a very good reason…

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