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Insurance Buddy 2019 Roundup

On our blog, we touch on topics that relate to all the different types of insurance coverage in Ontario that we offer here at Insurance Buddy: car insurance, home insurance and business insurance. Did you miss any posts this year? Read on for the roundup of the content we covered here in 2019…

Car insurance posts

From having items stolen to dealing with an insurance claim, having your car broken into is such a frustrating situation! Follow these tips to avoid this unfortunate scenario: 5 Tips to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

If you can’t avoid driving during inclement winter weather, follow these tips to stay safe out there and hopefully avoid any accident or incident (and the resulting car insurance claim): 8 Tips for Winter Driving

In this post we covered off some of the basics of the G1 licence in Ontario and how it relates to car insurance matters:  An Overview of Ontario’s G1 Licence

And as a follow-up post we dove into the G2 licence: An Overview of Ontario’s G2 Licence 

Not sure what the residual market refers to and how it works for high risk auto insurance in Ontario? This post is for you: The Residual Auto Insurance Market and High Risk Drivers

In this post, we touched on a common tactic to get the cheapest insurance possible – only going for the coverage that is mandatory in Ontario. Learn more: Is Basic Car Insurance Coverage in Ontario Enough?

This change came into effect in September of this year: Electronic Proof of Car Insurance Comes to Ontario

Vehicle theft rates affect car insurance! So in this post, we looked at the cars that were most often stolen in our province this year: Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Ontario for 2019

A look at a type of vehicle theft that becomes more common as the snows fall and the temperatures plummet: Don’t Be a Victim of “Warm-Up Theft”

Ontario insurance posts

While it may seem that we are seeing more choice in the insurance space in Ontario, many of the new options popping up are really just off-shoots of the same big insurance companies that dominate the market. The onus is on the consumer to find the best rates: Competition in the Insurance Industry in Ontario and Getting the Best Rates

In June of 2019, Ontario saw a new property and casualty insurance regulator step in. Learn more about this shift: Ontario’s New Insurance Regulator FSRA

The spring of 2019 was a rough time for many communities in Ontario – flooding was so intense that it was declared a catastrophic event. In response, our provincial government launched a pilot project to address these types of extreme weather incidents: Stepping up Flood Resilience in Ontario

In this post, we looked at some considerations around bicycle accidents and how they apply to insurance coverage in Ontario: Bicycle Accidents and Insurance in Ontario

Distracted driving is a major concern. In this post we looked at the steps that have been taken to address this dangerous habit in our province: The Realities of Distracted Driving in Ontario

Insurance Q & A posts

We pumped up the Q & A category on our blog with the following commonly asked questions related to insurance matters…

In this post, we looked at the differences between home insurance (referring to a detached house) and condo insurance: How is Condo Insurance Different from Home Insurance?

Whether you’ve been deemed a high risk driver, or you have an accident on your driving record pumping up your auto insurance rates, a common question when it comes to car insurance costs is:  How Far Back Do Insurance Companies Look?

In this post we looked at a very common type of business insurance coverage: Who Can Benefit from Professional Liability Coverage? 

And to expand upon the post above, we delved more deeply into the types of professionals that can benefit from E&O:  Which Professionals Should Consider Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Insurance terms defined posts

We also added on to our glossary section that offers definitions to some common insurance terms…

From all of us here at Insurance Buddy, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2020! We thank you for your business and support and we look forward to continuing to serve your insurance needs in the Greater Toronto Area and around the province of Ontario.

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