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Insurance Buddy 2020 Roundup

Here on the blog we cover topics that relate to all the different types of insurance coverage we offer at Insurance Buddy for our clients in Toronto and around the province of Ontario. Did you miss any of our posts this year on car insurance, home insurance or business insurance? Read on for the roundup of the content we posted this year…

Insurance and COVID-19

This year found us all with one focus – the pandemic, with its effects felt around the world and around our province. On the blog, we touched on various topics around insurance in Ontario and COVID-19.

Businesses across our province have suffered due to the pandemic, as they have worldwide. Another unfortunate fallout of COVID-19 for small biz? Skyrocketing business insurance rates… The Effect of the Pandemic on Commercial Insurance Rates in Ontario

Unfortunately, car insurance rates continue to rise in Ontario. And the pandemic is expected to play a role is the increases… How COVID-19 has Affected Auto Insurance Rates in Ontario

Business interruption became one of the hottest topics around commercial insurance and the pandemic. So we did a few posts looking at what has been going on with BI…

~ How a Court Ruling in Britain Could Affect Business Interruption Claims in Ontario

~ What You Need to Know About Business Interruption and COVID-19

COVID-19 affected all things insurance, including home insurance… How the Pandemic Could Affect Home Insurance

The pandemic brought about sweeping changes in our society and driving was no exception… How COVID-19 Has Affected Driving in Ontario

At the start of the pandemic, we put together a couple of comprehensive posts (one for business insurance and one for home and auto insurance) that we continued to update as the pandemic progressed.

~ What You Need to Know About Insurance Coverage in Ontario During COVID-19 – Part 2 Business Insurance

~ What You Need to Know About Insurance Coverage in Ontario During COVID-19 – Part 1 Home and Auto Insurance

Home insurance

Here are the topics that we covered for home insurance this year…

What Is Happening with Rising Condo Insurance Rates?

Prepare Your Home and Property for Flood Season

Car Insurance

Read on for the topics that we covered for car insurance this year…

In this post, we covered one of the most common questions in regards to how to get the best insurance rates possible – how attending driver’s education affects what you pay… Auto Insurance Q & A – Can You Get Cheaper Insurance by Going to a Driving School?

For you young (or new) drivers out there – an overview of how licences work in Ontario and how they affect auto insurance… Auto Insurance Q & A – What is the Difference in Insurance Between G1 and G2 Licences?

You definitely don’t want your car to be a target for auto theft! In this post, learn how to make your car less of a target… How Thieves Choose Which Cars to Steal

It’s a topic that we’ve touched on many times here on the blog in our quest to help you get the best insurance rates. Some new data shows just how important it is to do your research before committing to car insurance coverage… Want Cheap Car Insurance? Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Shopping Around

Pre-pandemic, we saw car insurance rates going up again in our province. Here’s a look at why… Car Insurance Rates in Ontario on the Rise Again

We all know that to get cheap insurance, we absolutely must stay out of the high risk auto insurance category. Here’s one particular habit that can get you in trouble… Want the Best Car Insurance Rates? Avoid This High Risk Driving Behaviour

Insurance Terms Defined

~ Insurance Terms Defined – Business Interruption

~ Insurance Terms Defined – Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

~ Insurance Terms Defined – Personal Liability and Property Damage (PLPD)

Travel Insurance

And finally we did a post related to a change in travel insurance coverage in Ontario…

Ontario Health Insurance Plan Ends Out of Country Travellers Program 

From all of us here at Insurance Buddy, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2021! We thank you for your business and support and we look forward to continuing to serve your insurance needs in the Greater Toronto Area and around the province of Ontario.

While our offices remain closed to in-person visits due to COVID-19, we are still here to serve your insurance needs. Get an online quote 24/7 for home and car insurance, or get in touch with us for any of your insurance related queries and concerns.

We are still here to support you with your insurance needs during COVID-19. Contact us today.

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